"We're trying really hard to not just type something generic here. As with most tabletop game companies, our company revolves around tabletop games. And by 'our', I really mean 'my'. MEGA MINT Games is pretty much a one-man operation if you ignore the fact that I'm constantly asking friends, family, and strangers to provide feedback on the games I design and provoking paid artists to provide pictures for said games. If you just ignore ALL those other people, than MEGA MINT Games is a one-man team."

~Marlon (just a single part of the MEGA MINT Games team)

p.s "I really like receiving messages if you enjoy our games. If you don't enjoy them, then I don't like receiving your messages."

Cause this page is utterly useless, let's give it some use. Here are some coolio games you should check out that I enjoy. Some are video and some are physical.