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A Royal Will

A Royal Will

Design: Marlon Fussell | Art: Marlon Fussell

AGE 14+ | 2-6 Players | 15 Min

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Death, Woe, Tragedy... and Opportunity? A Royal Will is a fast paced card game of bluffing and greed!

Form strategic character pairings using just 2 cards to claim what's rightfully yours from The Will. One character acts to disrupt the Inheritance, the other steals the wealth.


  • 25 Tarot Cards
  • 66 Coins
  • 18 Game Trackers
  • 12 Tokens
  • 6 Check-up Charts
  • Dice Tower - Seal of Approval
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  • Ask For Coins

    Each player is dealt 2 cards. Place 1 card face down. This card determines the number of coins you're attempting to take from The Pot.

  • Alter The Pot

    Place your remaining card face up. Everyone performs the action on their face up card which can disrupt other players or The Pot.

  • Claim Your Coins

    After everyone has performed their action, flip over your face down card to reveal the number of coins you are attempting to take.

  • Don't Get Greedy!

    If the total coins in the pot are not enough for all players to take their amount, The Pot will bust and the player who asked for the most coins will be punished.

  • Tom Vasel (The Dice Tower)

    "It’s fast, it’s simple, it’s light, it’s easy to get into, and it’s laugh-out-loud enjoyable!"

  • Grant Lyon

    "It’s really an experience in psychological warfare, and it is very fun!"

  • Board Game Mechanics

    "It's crazy, only 2 cards but there's so many decisions, so many things, so much thinking... that it makes this game a ton of fun..."

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Euphoria, once the peaceful center of the Andromeda galaxy, a crossroad for kingdoms and solardoms, has plummeted into treachery and chaos. With the unexplained deaths of its royal family, assets that can buy nebulas are up for grabs, and everyone has a tactic to try to alter the wills in their favor…

There’s a craft to high-stakes thievery: greed will leave your pockets empty, but caution will profit your enemies. Play your cards right, and the wealth of Euphoria shall be yours!