Build a petting zoo, Sacrifice your visitors, protect your Satanimals and obliterate your rivals!

SATANIMALS is a light-hearted, strategic card game where players gather satanic creatures, attract visitors and hire Zoo Keepers to build the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo!


Player Count: 2-4 (Works great with all player counts)

Time: ~15 - 20 minutes

Age: 13+



  • 127 Quality Cards
  • 2 Wooden Tokens
  • 1 Badass Box (with sacrificial pit!)
  • and of course a Rules Sheet!


~SATANIMALS: Littergy (Expansion)~


The pyramids of hell have risen... and along with them, the dead!


Three cats (Fluffy, Fuzzy & Foul) join SATANIMALS with the abilities to perform mass sacrifices and raise the dead! Play cats into your petting zoo to force other players to sacrifice their cards. Raise the dead by stealing cards from the sacrificial pit!


Littergy also includes new Main Attractions to spice up your ULTIMATE Demonic Petting Zoo strategy! Instead of just Satanimals scoring you secret bonus points, it could be Zoo Keepers, Visitors or even the Eternal Flame!



  • 18 Quality Cards:
    • 9 Cat Cards
    • 4 New Main Attraction Cards
    • 4 Rules Cards
    • 1 Divider Card
  • 1 Reusable Pack

(Save money on shipping by ordering Littergy & SATANIMALS together using the option above!)