Karma the Dog (Enamel Pin)

Want to look extra stylish while constructing your ULTIMATE demonic Petting Zoo?


Well fear not, we have just released a small run of soft enamel pins for our favorite hellion... KARMA!!!


Attach it to any shirt, a pair of pants or even your socks! You'll be so stylish, your Visitors will be begging you to be tossed into the Sacrificial Pit!


Pin measurements: 1" x 1"


"As a young pup, Karma was abandoned by her human family in the local cemetery. Whilst wandering through, she stumbled into the gates of Hell and hasn't returned since. Unbeknownst to where she was, she quickly established Hell as her home: nice, warm, and cozy. After claiming the throne, she started recruiting other animals to aid her in getting revenge on all humans."

Karma the Dog (Enamel Pin)