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Welcome to the Abandoned Land.

During the SATANIMALS Kickstarter campaign, we thought it would be a fun idea to delve into the world of SATANIMALS. Throughout the campaign we developed little back stories for each Satanimal in the game.

I have created this post to compile all of these back stories into one place.

"Ouija is a pink fluffy Alpaca. She calls the clouds above Hell her home and contrary to her appearance she is the most intelligent of the Satanimals. Ouija tends to be very kind hearted towards all creatures except those that refer to her as a 'llama'. Ouija is the first of five Satanimals that players will be able to collect on their quest to build the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo."

"Most think Lucifer is Satan himself, but what they don't realize is that he's actually just a grumpy old goat. A failed lab experiment by humans produced a third eye on his forehead and gave him over-the-top, devilish horns. Some say this extra eye allows him to see into the future and is the cause of his grumpiness, but others suggest it allows him to see in 4D. Due to his off-putting nature, Lucifer resides all by his lonesome in the mountaintops of Hell looking down on all the Satanimals below."

"As one might suspect, Sloth is slow. Very slow. So slow in fact, most days he doesn't even move. With his beady eyes constantly watching, unfazed, all assume that he's dead. But don't be fooled, those who turn their back on Sloth don't realize that he possesses the power of... teleportation. After having his home burned down by humans, Sloth has taken it upon himself to avenge his fellow forest-dwellers of the past."

"Born in a Peacock hatchery, Envy grew up with lack of vision. However, Envys absence of traditional eyes are made up by the array in her feathers. With a total of 66 eyes and the power of flight, Envy is very much the 'show-off' of the Satanimals. Envy appears blue with green feathers most of the time, but can alter his color based on his mood."

"As a young pup, Karma was abandoned in a cemetery by her human family. Whilst wandering through, she stumbled into the gates of Hell and hasn't returned since. Unbeknownst to where she was, she quickly established Hell as her home. After claiming the throne, she started recruiting other animals to aid her in getting revenge on all humans."


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