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Updated: Mar 19, 2019

Ouija the Alpaca
Ouija the Alpaca


I have been talking about my new card game SATANIMALS for the past week but as of right now I have disclosed very little information about it. I am in the midst of working on the 'actual' SATANIMALS page for this website but I have decided to create this post for the curious followers:

I wanted to create a quick AND strategic 2 player* card game based off of the SATANIMALS who where originally designed by my girlfriend/artist for the project.

The goal of SATANIMALS is to build and maintain the ULTIMATE demonic petting zoo! Draw visitors from the queue who may be kept for points or tossed into the sacrificial pit to stop rivals zoos from progressing. There are 5 different SATANIMALS to collect for your petting zoo in order to attract visitors: Karma the Dog, Ouija the Alpaca, Lucifer the Goat, Envy the Peacock and of course, Sloth the Sloth! But be wary, a zoo doesn't run itself... You will also need to hire zoo keepers to protect you animals from any nasty sacrifices conducted by your opponents.

I hope this quick run down of SATANIMALS was of use and peaked some of your interests. The Kickstarter is going to launch sometime early next year so sign up here if you want to be notified!

*SATANIMALS now works with up to 4 players!


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